Project Title : Waterfront Residence

Location : Penang
Floor Area : 2000 sqft
Year Of Completion : Dec.2022

This exquisite condo design embraces a serene ambiance with a white and cream colour theme. The elegant combination of these light tones creates a soothing and inviting atmosphere throughout the space. The design concept focuses on clean lines and subtle curve designs, adding a touch of sophistication and simplicity to the overall aesthetic.

The interior features minimalist furniture with sleek profiles and gentle curves, perfectly blending functionality with style. A comfortable cream colour sofa with curved armrests anchors the living room. The dining area showcases a sleek table with clean lines, complemented by cream-upholstered chairs for a touch of elegance.

Overall, this condo design embraces the timeless elegance of white and cream colours while incorporating simple lines and curve designs. The result is a tranquil and visually pleasing space that exudes both comfort and sophistication, offering a sanctuary for relaxation and enjoyment.