Project Title : Sunshine Residence

Location : Farlim, Penang
Floor Area : 1300 sqft
Design & Rendered By : Grace Teh

The condo design embraces a minimalist and organic aesthetic, emphasizing the use of natural wood and white as the primary colour scheme. The interior exudes a sense of tranquillity and simplicity, creating a serene sanctuary within the bustling urban environment.

Upon entering, the space showcases the seamless integration of natural wood and white elements. The walls are painted in a crisp white, serving as a backdrop for the beautiful textures and tones of the wood accents. The flooring features light-toned hardwood or engineered wood, providing warmth and a connection to nature.

The living area features a comfortable seating arrangement, adorned with soft white upholstery and accentuated by natural wood frames. A low, minimalist coffee table in light wood acts as a centrepiece, complementing the overall aesthetic. Large windows allow ample natural light to flood the space, further enhancing the sense of openness and harmony.

Throughout the condo, vent blocks and glass blocks are strategically incorporated to add visual interest and texture. Vent blocks, with their geometric patterns, are used as dividers or partitions between spaces, providing privacy while allowing the flow of light and air. Glass blocks, with their translucent properties, create an ethereal and soft diffusion of natural light, contributing to an inviting and serene atmosphere.

In the bedroom, the walls are adorned with white panels, allowing the natural wood elements to take centre stage. The bed frame and furniture feature a light-toned wood finish, radiating a sense of warmth and simplicity. Soft white bedding and minimalistic decor further enhance the serene ambiance, promoting restful sleep and relaxation.

The overall design approach creates a harmonious and calming environment. The natural wood and white colour palette promote a sense of simplicity, while the incorporation of vent blocks and glass blocks adds texture and diffused light, resulting in a space that embodies the essence of tranquillity and a close connection to nature.