Project Title : Serenity 宁静

Location : Batu Kawan, Penang
Floor Area : 2400 sqft
Year Of Completion : Jan.2022

“Serenity Refined: Embracing Muji Style in an Exquisite Home Design”

A house designed in the Muji style embodies simplicity, functionality, and a serene ambiance. The living area features soft, neutral walls and furniture with clean lines and natural materials. A floor-to-ceiling window allows ample natural light, while minimalistic decor and storage maintain a clutter-free space.

The Muji-style kitchen embraces efficiency and simplicity, with light-colored cabinetry, clean lines, and a clutter-free aesthetic. Durable countertops and well-organized storage enhance functionality, while sleek appliances seamlessly integrate into the design.

In the bedrooms, a neutral color palette and low-profile beds adorned with high-quality bedding create a tranquil atmosphere. Built-in closets or wardrobes with sliding doors offer ample storage, while soft lighting fixtures and large windows enhance relaxation. Privacy is maintained with light-colored curtains or blinds. Throughout the house, natural materials like wood, bamboo, cotton, and linen foster a connection with nature and promote a sense of tranquility. The design focuses on functionality, organization, and minimalism to create visually pleasing and serene spaces. The Muji style celebrates simplicity, offering a harmonious living environment.