Project Title : Nordic Harmony

Location : Penang
Floor Area : 2400 sqft
Year Of Completion : Dec.2022

Nordic style is a fresh and natural design style that emphasizes clean lines and sleek parallel line frames in its architectural elements. This style gives a sense of cleanliness and orderliness, without excessive decorative designs.

When Nordic style is combined with creamy tones, the space presents a soft and airy texture, creating a unique atmosphere. This design incorporates a human touch, making the home environment feel relaxed and comfortable, and creating a serene and warm ambiance. It aspires to be an ideal dwelling that can warm weary and wandering souls.

The Nordic-style design evokes a feeling of comfort and naturalness, transforming the living space into a liveable and charming environment. Within this space, people can relax their minds and bodies, experience tranquillity and warmth, and enjoy the beauty of life.