Project Title : Luna

Location : Bayan Lepas, Penang
Floor Area : 1000 sqft
Year Of Completion : Sept.2022

Step into this exquisite condo adorned in a modern classic style, where timeless elegance and contemporary elements intertwine seamlessly. The captivating use of marble and rose gold accents throughout the space exudes luxury and sophistication.

The condo’s interior is a testament to refined taste, combining the allure of classic design with modern touches. The cabinets are adorned with rose gold linings, adding a touch of opulence and highlighting their sleek lines. The use of marble further elevates the aesthetic, with a stunning kitchen backsplash that exudes elegance and creates a luxurious focal point.

The marble kitchen countertop serves as a stunning centerpiece, effortlessly blending functionality and beauty. Its smooth surface and exquisite veining enhance the overall aesthetic while providing a durable and easy-to-maintain workspace. The subtle rose gold accents in the cabinetry beautifully complements the marble, infusing a sense of glamour and sophistication into the kitchen area.

Throughout the condo, the modern classic style is prevalent, offering a harmonious balance between timeless elements and contemporary design. The use of marble and rose gold accents creates an atmosphere of refined luxury, captivating both residents and guests alike.

This meticulously decorated condo embodies the perfect blend of modern-classic style, featuring the allure of marble and the subtle luxury of rose gold. The result is a space that exudes charm, refinement, and timeless beauty, creating an environment that is both captivating and inviting.