Project Title : La Mer

Location : Penang
Floor Area : 1000 sqft
Year Of Completion : May.2021

This is a seaside condo. The entire space is dominated by white and grey colours, complemented by extensive colourful lighting, expanding the visual space. The combination of white marble pattern and minimalistic curved furniture design creates a warm and contemporary atmosphere for this home.

The standout feature of this residence is the breathtakingly ocean view. Large windows allow you to fully appreciate the uninterrupted horizon and indulge in the unbeatable seascape. This seamless integration with nature adds a sense of comfort and tranquillity to the entire interior space. You can enjoy the beautiful and serene sunrise and sunset over the sea from different corners of your home.

Furthermore, to complement the ocean view, we have chosen lightweight furniture and decor. In the living room, a comfortable sofa pairs with a modern coffee table to provide a relaxing area for unwinding. In the master bedroom, the bedside table and bedding feature patterns inspired by the ocean, creating a cozy and pleasant ambiance.

Whether you step into the lounge in the spacious living room or unwind in the comfortable bedroom, you will feel the joy and relaxation that this residence brings. It is an enviable and ideal abode, allowing you to immerse yourself in the ocean view and modern aesthetics every day.