Project Title : Hillside Adobe

Location : Penang
Floor Area : 1200 sqft
Year Of Completion : Mar.2021

Nestled beside a picturesque hill, this serene condo embraces a minimalist aesthetic, immersing residents in a tranquil oasis. The foyer warmly welcomes guests with its elegant design and functional elements. A stunning hanging cabinet in white and natural wood colors immediately catches the eye, striking a perfect balance between modernity and warmth. With its sleek white finish and clean lines, the cabinet exudes sophistication while offering ample storage for keys, mail, and essentials, ensuring an organized and clutter-free entryway. Above the cabinet, a captivating painting hangs on the wall, serving as a captivating focal point that harmonizes with the overall color scheme and adds an artistic touch.

Moving into the living room, comfort reigns supreme. A large cream-colored sectional sofa adorned with plush cushions invites relaxation and serves as a cozy gathering spot. The dining area seamlessly integrates into the living space, featuring a sleek wood dining table that commands attention. A minimalist pendant light with a lightwood finish delicately hovers above the table, casting a warm and gentle glow, creating an intimate ambiance for shared meals and cherished moments.

The bedroom effortlessly maintains the condo’s serene ambiance, enveloping inhabitants in tranquillity. Cream-colored walls provide a calming backdrop, while the lightwood bed frame and furniture exude natural elegance. Crisp white bedding, adorned with soft textures and accentuated by neutral-toned throw pillows, invites peaceful slumber. Expansive windows allow an abundance of natural light to flood the room, highlighting the beauty of the surrounding hillside.

The bathroom embraces a spa-like feel with a soothing combination of white and cream tiles. A light wood vanity with a sleek white countertop and modern sink adds a touch of sophistication. Enclosed with glass panels, the shower area welcomes natural light, creating an airy and invigorating space.

Throughout the condo, the thoughtful use of white, cream, and lightwood colours cultivates a harmonious and soothing environment. This palette, combined with the natural textures of wood, instills a sense of tranquillity that perfectly complements the breathtaking views of the hillside just beyond the windows. Within these walls, residents find solace and serenity, immersing themselves in the beauty of their surroundings.