Project Title : Coastal Haven

Location : Penang
Floor Area : 2400 sqft
Year Of Completion : May.2023

Step into this serene and tranquil living space, where the gentle hues of a neutral palette blend harmoniously with the breathtaking view of the expansive sea. Every element in this room has been carefully curated to evoke a sense of calm and tranquillity, allowing you to unwind and immerse yourself in the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape

The walls are painted in a soft shade of creamy white, reminiscent of the frothy waves crashing against the shore. This colour choice creates a soothing backdrop that amplifies the serenity of the sea view outside. Large windows adorn the walls, inviting an abundance of natural light to flood the room and providing unobstructed views of the azure waters.

To create a sense of openness, the furniture pieces are streamlined with clean lines and minimalistic designs. They are often accented with touches of metal or glass, adding a contemporary flair. A low-profile coffee table of polished marble sits in the center, providing a sleek surface for displaying decorative items or enjoying beverages.

The lighting scheme is designed to be both functional and atmospheric. During the day, natural light floods the room, but as the sun sets, recessed lighting installed in the ceiling illuminates the space with a warm glow.

Soft, billowing curtains in a light, sheer fabric delicately frame the windows, allowing a gentle breeze to flow in while providing privacy when desired. During the day, the curtains dance gracefully with the coastal breeze, creating a serene atmosphere within the room.

As you recline on the sofa, enjoying the tranquillity of your neutral palette living space, the panoramic sea view becomes a mesmerizing work of art. The harmonious combination of the soothing colour scheme, natural textures, and captivating vista ensures that every moment spent in this serene abode is a rejuvenating and truly relaxing experience.