Project Title : ADA SQ

Location : Strait Quay, Penang
Floor Area : 8000 sqft
Year Of Completion : Oct.2019

The co-working space by the sea embraces an industrial style and offers a stunning coastal setting for work and collaboration. The entrance features an open lobby with an exposed concrete floor mix with encaustic tiles and a cozy seating area for discussions, along with a cafe serving coffee. Moving beyond the lobby, an expansive hot desk area provides open workstations, comfortable lounge seating, and private nooks for focused work and private discussions. The space offers breath-taking ocean views and abundant natural light.

A spacious meeting room equipped with modern technology can accommodate up to 20 people for presentations and collaborative sessions. Dedicated rooms are also available for rent, providing a quiet and focused environment. The co-working space seamlessly blends industrial aesthetics with the beauty of the sea, creating a harmonious and inspiring atmosphere for professionals.

Overall, the space offers an open and inviting environment for networking, socializing, and productive work. It caters to a variety of needs, from casual discussions in the lobby to dedicated work areas, meeting room facilities, and private rooms for rent. The co-working space provides a unique and refreshing experience, combining the industrial style with the serene coastal surroundings.